Great Scott! Ampere EV reboots the classic DeLorean DMC-12 for the electric era

Great Scott! DeLorean is flying into the 21st century. Not only is the brand DeLorean coming back with its new flagship Alpha5, an all-electric reimagining of the original DMC-12. DeLoreans past and present are being updated with technology that’s worthy of the brand’s futuristic looks, as Georgia based start-up Ampere EV showcased its conversion technology with an electrified DMC-12.

 After its fame from the Back to the Future films, the DeLorean DMC has been a coveted classic. Unfortunately, the portrayal of the DMC is more favourable, than the reality of the car. In this universe, it proved to be slow and unreliable, and arguably only rose in popularity due to the publicity from the film franchise.

Ampere EV has taken the classic DMC-12 and fixed all of the problems of the past and brought it back to the future (last one I promise) by electrifying it. Chief Engineer Lawson Sumner explained the DMC-12 was the “ideal example of a classic car that benefits from an electric conversion.” 

The company was able to retain the DMC’s iconic looks whilst improving the driving experience by swapping out the rear engine in favour of a flux capacitor (sorry, I lied), that’s powered by three battery packs. Inside there’s two dash screens that replace the gauge cluster and gear selection buttons in the centre console. 

Ampere's conversion kits include either a 42kW battery for standard passenger cars or an 84kW battery for a longer range or larger vehicles

The firm was born from an EV conversion project ​​”that was more difficult, more expensive, and more time consuming than it really should have been.” This inspired Ampere EV to provide a one stop service with packages that include all the necessary components for an EV conversion that can be fitted to any standard car. 

The conversion kits include, either a 42kW battery for standard passenger cars or an 84kW battery for a longer range or larger vehicles. The 42kW battery is said to be capable of 120 to 140 miles in a smaller car, with the 82kW battery offering a range of up to 200 miles for an SUV or 280 miles for smaller vehicles.

As well as batteries Ampere EV offers electric motors, high voltage wiring, screens for the dashboard and adaptors to connect to the car’s existing climate control so the heater and air conditioning are still functional. If the components don’t fit the vehicle, Ampere EV also offers custom parts to suit different specifications. 

Currently only available in America, the company plans to expand in the coming years for international sale. By offering complete packages with everything needed for an EV conversion, the company aims to “offer products that allow customers to get into electric vehicles as easily and affordably as possible.” 

In the UK, Electric Classic Cars and Zero EV provide a similar service with all EV conversion components available in one place. 

Clever battery and motor packaging has allowed the electric DMC-12 to retain its classic profile

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