Ineos goes electric with new, smaller Fusilier (but not until 2027)

Thomas Geiger

23 Feb 2024

Ineos has unveiled its brand new 4X4 vehicle, the Fusilier, which will be available with both all-electric and range-extender hybrid options.

Full specifications have yet to be announced, but the all-electric Fusilier will have a battery size of around 100 kWh and a range of 240 miles. At the same time, Ineos is also working on a version with a range extender, using a small petrol engine linked to a generator. 

It’s not known what the engine will be, but given Ineos‘ current links to BMW it is likely to be something from its stable.

Ineos says the all-electric range will still be around 140 miles but the total range including the petrol-assistance will be around 450 miles.

The Fusilier will be smaller and more aerodynamic than the Grenadier

The company says it doesn't want to compromise on the off road ability, and head of development Hans-Peter Pessler suggested the Fusilier will use two motors of around 190 kW each. In addition, there will be a mechanical lock and an electronically simulated centre differential on each axle as well as a low-ratio gearbox. 

Switching to an electric powertrain and skateboard platform the Fuselier has allowed the new car to be made slightly smaller than the 4.8-metre-long Grenadier, but also a little more aerodynamic: with rounded edges, recessed door handles and less bulky add-on parts. It is also slightly lower in height. The body will be mainly steel with aluminium doors and closures.

Like the Grenadier, the Fuselier is being developed by Austrian company Magna in Graz. But while the Grenadier is produced at a former Smart plant in Hambach owned by Ineos, Magna will build the smaller model in Austria.

Buyers face a long wait however. It will be at least three years before the new Ineos goes on sale, and prices are expected to start at around £50,000.


The Fusilier follows the Ineos tradition of being named after a pub. Expect the next model to be called the Fig & Firkin

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