Japanese giants Sony and Honda join forces to take on Apple and Tesla

Shafiq Abidin


Sony and Honda have invested £60 million to kick-start a new partnership to create a new range of futuristic electric cars. The new company, called ‘Sony Honda Mobility’, could allow Honda to rival the might of Tesla, and mean Sony could beat Apple to become the first electronics company to release a car. It aims to begin building vehicles by 2025 at Honda’s existing manufacturing plants.

Sony first registered an interest in electric vehicles in 2020, when its Vision S-01 concept car – created alongside Canadian auto parts manufacturer Magna - was revealed. Honda launched its ‘e’, the brand’s first fully electric car, in 2020 but rising costs and a limited range have held back its success.

Sony will be expected to provide its expertise in imaging, sensing, and entertainment technologies to the project, meaning it will primarily focus on safety and entertainment. Honda, on the other hand, will bring automotive knowhow which ranges from vehicle body manufacturing technology to after-sales and service management.

Essentially, Honda create the car, and then Sony pack it with innovative technology. However, Sony CFO Philip Rowley has also confirmed that the tech-brand will look for further partnerships to help enhance and grow the brand, leaving the door wide open for Sony Honda Mobility to have more names added to it in the future.

Sony Honda Mobility

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