Mercedes revamps eSprinter to run for longer

Tom Barnard

14 Feb 2023

Mercedes has re-engineered its eSprinter to have a choice of batteries and body styles, opening it up to be useful for more businesses. 

The outgoing model had a 47kWh battery – smaller than a Corsa’s – which meant it would only be capable of 82 miles on a charge.

The new eSprinter, which is due to arrive in the UK before the end of 2023, will have a choice of three different batteries depending on customers’ individual range and payload requirements. They will have usable capacities of 56, 81 or 113 kilowatt hours.

Lithium/ion phosphate (LFP) cell chemistry allows the battery variants to be kept free of cobalt and nickel, while active thermal management will help ensure maximum efficiency and minimise degradation.

Charging at a wallbox will be at a maximum of 11 kilowatts, with rapid DC charging at up to 115 kilowatts. This will enable customers to charge from 10 to 80 percent in around 28 minutes for the 56 kWh battery and around 42 minutes for the 113 kWh battery.

The motor is available in two power levels, with 100 or 150 kilowatts of peak output, and delivers a torque of up to 400 newton metres.

Two body styles and lengths will be available, including a chassis cab base for numerous conversions such as tippers and lutons.The largest box van will have a load capacity of 14 cubic metres and a gross vehicle weight up to 4.25 tonnes.

The largest box eSprinter van will have a load capacity of 14 cubic metres and a gross vehicle weight up to 4.25 tonnes

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