MFG announces plans to add 60 new hubs and 350 new high power chargers in 2022

Mike Askew


One of the UK’s newest and fastest growing public chargepoint providers has announced plans to install more than 350 high power chargers at 60 new hubs around the UK this year. Motor Fuel Group (MFG) has already won praise for its slick, brightly designed charging hubs that began opening last year. The brand, which owns a large network of traditional petrol forecourts around the UK, has confirmed that it will spend £50 million to expand its current operations this year.  

MFG has said that new sites will feature between four and eight 150kW chargers and plans to install 350kW units at selected sites as more cars become capable of utilising their performance. The firm also plans to install additional chargers at hubs opened at the end of last year – such has been their success – and is aiming to have this part of the programme completed by April.

The brand’s plans for 2022 are just part of a larger £400 million plan to commission 500 sites by 2030. Under the plans announced last year, MFG hopes to install 2,800 high power chargers with a minimum output of 150kW by the end of the decade.  

Last year, MFG invested £40 million in building its first hubs with the first two being in Putney, West London and Stretford, Manchester. The company invested an additional £50 million (58 million euros) in its sites to expand its on-site shopping and food businesses. Distinguished by their blue forecourts and canopies, MFG has already earned itself a strong reputation among electric car drivers thanks to its impressive reliability, multi-unit sites and contactless payment systems. 

MFG sites are known for their distinctive bright blue charging bays and canopies. Fast charging via 150kW units

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