New elegant charger option launched by original Anderson founders

Tom Barnard


A new British-owned electric vehicle home charger maker has revealed its premium-looking chargers which are no more expensive than most 'normal' units from other makers.

Simpson & Partners has been launched by the original co-founders of the recently rescued Andersen EV, Mandy and David Simpson.The new company’s first products, The Home Series, are a trio of wall boxes that are smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and engineered using high-quality materials and have a choice of over 100 different colour combinations and wood front panel options. 

Simpson & Partners untethered chargers come in three different models, from 3.6-22kW, with prices starting from £649 and rising to around £1,000. 

Co-founder, David Simpson, said: “Simpson & Partners’ mission is to offer high-quality EV chargers that look amazing on the front of peoples’ houses, are reliable, simple to use, built to last – yet don’t break the bank for drivers. Our products have been crafted and manufactured with the best materials available; they will look as good in 10 years as they do the day they’re installed."

 Simpson & Partners Home Series Charger, on wood wall with rear of car visible There are over 100 colours and finishes to choose from

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