New EVIOS home charger gets smart

Tom Barnard

22 Sep 2022

A new British company has launched what it claims is the smartest and most intuitive electric vehicle home charger on the market. 

The EVIOS One features the largest colour screen of any home charger, and a smartphone app that allow users to configure each charge to suit their needs and preferences. It allows you to prioritise low price by using off-peak tariffs, ‘green’ energy from solar panels or simply charge at the highest speed. 

Users can easily see exactly how many miles have been added in each charging session, and the cost. The EVIOS One can also support separate user profiles, allowing it to be shared by different users in a block of flats or office. Access is protected via a PIN to prevent unauthorised use, and up to eight profiles can be stored. 

Via the app, users can access and control charging when away from the unit itself, and there are ‘push’ notifications so users can be kept updated on key details relating to their charges. The EVIOS One also connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing users to adjust settings and review charge status via voice commands. 

The EVIOS One can be paid for via interest-free monthly instalments, helping to make ownership a viable option for more motorists. There is also an all-inclusive package that includes the cost of installation.EVIOS is a British company, and the new home charger is designed, manufactured and shipped from a new purpose-built production facility in Stewartby, Bedfordshire. 

It is the brainchild of David Martell, who was founder and CEO of Chargemaster, which went on to become the UK’s largest charging network and was acquired by bp in 2018. “For EVs to be adopted by millions more UK motorists, they should be at least as easy to own and run as ICE vehicles,” Martell comments. 

“Much attention is given to developing the quality and quantity of public charge points, but the majority of charging will need to take place at homes.“We evaluated all of the existing home chargers on the market and saw that too often they are hard to understand and control, and we believe this will put many off the idea of buying an EV in the first place. From the outset we have sought to provide a unique combination of intuitive functionality and low running costs, helping to make EV ownership more hassle-free.”

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