No more coffin on exhaust fumes at Co-op, as funeral director goes electric

Tom Barnard


The respectful silence of a funeral cortege is set to get even quieter in Scotland as the UK’s largest funeral director has joined the growing number of providers offering electrically-powered hearses. 

The Co-op's Nissan Athena Electric Hearse will serve environmentally conscious communities in Edinburgh, alongside a new Maxus Ambulance - making it the first ever all-electric fleet pairing to serve Scottish communities. 

Set to be based at Co-op Funeralcare’s Edinburgh office, the Athena is based on Nissan’s Leaf and has a structure made from recycled composite materials, further enhancing its sustainability credentials.  

Nic MacLennan, Head of Operations for Co-op Funeralcare in Scotland, said: “We are excited to be bringing our fully electric Nissan hearse and private ambulance to Scotland to offer dignified, elegant and environmentally friendly services for families and communities in the area. The way people choose to say goodbye is changing and those who have worked hard to reduce their carbon footprint in life, are also passionate about reducing their impact on the planet when they pass away. We’re committed to leading the way in helping the bereaved and their loved ones have a final farewell that does not adversely impact the environment.” 

The Co-op is not the first to use Leaf-based hearses, which have been around in various guises since 2014. Other funeral directors use the Nissan e-NV200 van and even a specially-converted Tesla Model S.

Funeralcare Nissan Electric Hearse, Black, Moving shot, side angles Grave concerns about the environment? Electric hearse uses recycled materials

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