Renault shock: 60% electric car price rise

Tom Barnard


Renault’s quirky Twizy electric car has had a whopping £4,000 price increase, taking the cost of the cheapest version from £6,690 to £10,690 – a rise of just under 60%. But it’s not all bad news, as the increase means owners now get the battery thrown in as part of the package instead of having to pay a monthly lease fee.

Until now, buyers had to sign a contract to lease the battery with a monthly cost which varied from £49 to £100 every month depending on the mileage covered. It guaranteed the battery against defects and included breakdown cover, but was enormously complicated to administer, especially when the time came to sell the car on.

Now there is not so much concern from buyers about battery reliability, Renault has decided to remove the battery lease option from new Twizys and increase the price so the entire car – including the power pack – is included. 

Even with the huge price increase, the Twizy remains the UK’s cheapest electric car. This is despite not being eligible for the government's £3,000 plug-in car grant because of its limited range and official status as a ‘quadricycle’ rather than a car. 

If you are buying a used Twizy, you’ll still need to beware though.  The battery lease will still be in place on any cars registered before March and there is currently no option to buy out of the contract. 

Renault Twizy parked front in city

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