Tesco and Lidl ramp up charging prices by up to 132%

Tom Barnard

20 Jul 2023

Tesco and Pod Point have announced prices for plugging in at its network of 2,500 charge points across 600 stores are to increase by up to 57% from midnight on Monday 3rd April. 

Pod Point has also ramped up the cost of charging at 300 Lidl supermarkets. As of 10th March 2023, all Lidl 50kW+ rapid chargers cost 65p per kWh while the 7kW and 22kW fast chargers cost 40p per kWh. Both were priced at 28 per kWh as recently as October 2022 - that's an increase of up to 132%.

The lowest cost for charging at Tesco will be 44p per kWh for its slowest 7kW chargers, up from the 28p currently. The more powerful 22kW chargers rise from 40p to 49p and the rapid 50kW go up 24% to 62p. Until November last year, ‘slow’ electric car charging was free at Tesco stores and the 50kW rapids were 28p per kWh. That means the 50kW price has risen 121% in the past five months.

A pilot roll-out of more powerful 75kW rapids announced by Tesco less than two weeks ago will remain at the cost announced at the time - 69p per kWh – which makes it more expensive than ultra rapid charges from rivals such as Gridserve and the same as bp pulse’s 150kW prices.

In a statement, Pod Point said: ”Tesco will always try to offer the best value for customers and will continue to review the market. The new tariffs offer competitive rates allowing customers to top up their car when visiting Tesco stores. The EV charging tariff contributes towards covering infrastructure costs and energy costs incurred by EV drivers charging across the network.”

The 50kW price at Tesco has risen 121% in the past five months

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