Tesla Model S gets new 'Cheetah Stance' to take on Taycan

New over-the-air updates make the super saloon even faster

Ginny Buckley


Tesla Model S owners might be ‘feline’ a bit smug as they have woken up today to another upgrade to their cars, called Cheetah Stance. The performance boost was delivered automatically to owners over the airwaves and has knocked 0.1 of a second off the 0-60 acceleration time. That’s now 2.3 seconds, making it one of the fastest sprinting cars in the world and knocking spots off supercar rivals. Its arch-rival Porsche Taycan is now half a second slower to reach the 60mph benchmark. That’s a big paws. I'm sorry, lockdown is starting to get to me. 

And back to Cheetah Stance. In an email to owners (possibly from Elon Musk, its mane man), Tesla explained how the upgrade creates the ideal combination of power, aerodynamics and traction to give the best acceleration. If the owner activates Launch Mode by pressing the brake and accelerator pedals together, the Model S automatically goes into Cheetah Stance by dropping the front end’s adjustable air suspension to give better geometry for a standing start, like a big cat waiting to pounce. Peak power is also increased above 80mph (to help you get into trouble with the police, presumably) and the email also boasted of improved thermal performance, which will allow you to perform more standing starts if the mood takes you. And if you're anything like me the mood generally does.

The email said: “Paired with other recent improvements – including increased range, adaptive air suspension and lighter weight technology – every new Model S Performance is capable of achieving new levels of prowess and will continue to get better over time, in any habitat.” It sounds purrfect to me. OK, I'll stop now. Sorry.

Read about what we think of the Model S in our review here. It contains no terrible cat related puns. Promise.

Owners got an email to tell them about the upgrade

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