Toyota bZ Compact hints at all-electric replacement for C-HR

Tom Barnard

17 Nov 2022

Toyota is getting busy with the bZ range by unveiling a new SUV which will sit below the new bZ4X in the company’s line up. 

Called the bZ Compact SUV Concept, the car was revealed at the Los Angeles motor show this week and is officially supposed to “give a glimpse of what the future could hold as Toyota extends the electrification vision of its “Beyond Zero” sub-brand.” 

However, the concept lacks the outrageous styling of most show cars and looks ready for the showroom. 

The concept is a full battery electric vehicle displaying a new design approach, which is clearly an evolution of the current C-HR hybrid. 

The edgy styling extends to the interior, which includes a ‘yoke’ control for the steering, a feature borrowed from the Lexus RZ. An in-car personal assistant connects driver and passengers with the vehicle through audio and lighting cues that move around the cabin, responding to requests or commands. 

There have been no official details of the powertrain or battery, with Toyota promising more will be revealed in December 2022.

The bZ has clear links to the current hybrid-only C-HR
The interior has a yoke rather than a steering wheel

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