Uber sleek Prius – taxi drivers’ favourite gets radical redesign

Tom Barnard

16 Nov 2022

Toyota has pulled the wraps of its fifth-generation of the pioneering Prius, the car which has become a taxi driver’s favourite across the UK due to its reliability, low emissions and fuel economy.

The new generation, which will be available exclusively as a Plug-in Hybrid in Europe, has more power and but also more efficiency. 

A 2-litre engine combines with a new front electric motor for a total system output of 220bhp – up almost 100bhp on the current model.

Thanks to a new 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery (up from 8.8kWh in the old car), electric-only range is more than 50% longer than current generation too at 48 miles. Energy can also be generated via solar cells built into the roof. 

The styling is noticeably more slick too compared to the gawky old model, which was removed from sale in the UK earlier this year. The overall height is 50mm lower, the length has been decreased by 46mm, but it is 22 mm wider than its predecessor.

Inside, a new ‘driver module’ is based around a seven-inch TFT LCD screen. The instrument panel illumination is linked to notifications from Toyota Safety Sense and expresses alerts through colour changes.

The fifth-generation, Plug-in Prius will be introduced to Europe in spring 2023. UK sales have yet to be confirmed however, as the model's popularity has dwindled in recent years. Taxi fleets have been swapping to other hybrid and fully-electric models.

The new model is lower, shorter and wider

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