The 10 electric cars you can buy today with the longest range

It's likely to be the first question on your lips when buying a new electric car; how far can it go on a full charge?

An expanding rapid charging network and an increasing number of destination chargers are going some way to alleviate range anxiety for many, particularly first time electric car buyers. But for some, getting as far down the road as possible without needing to top up is all that matters. 

The good news is that electric cars on sale now simply trounce what was available even five years ago in terms of maximum range. There's even a good number of cars under £35,000 that will put up impressive figures. The longest range machines will set you back a bit more than that, but there's a decent spread of brands and bodystyles to choose from. Here's the top ten. 

Mercedes EQS 453 miles
Prices from £105,610

The EQS is the largest electric Mercedes saloon, and right now, it’s the longest range electric car on sale in Britain. Styled as an electric alternative to the brand’s S-Class limo, the swooping, aerodynamic shape stretches to 5.2-metres, while between the wheelbase is a huge 107kWh battery pack. The single-motor EQS 450+ can reach as far as 453 miles on a full charge, while 200kW rapid changing means an 80% top-up is possible in around half an hour. Up front, the incredible MBUX Hyperscreen can transform the entire surface of the dashboard into one huge touchscreen.

Tesla Model S 405 miles
Prices from N/A

A bit of a caveat here. The Tesla Model S, which is approaching nine years on sale, is currently off sale in Britain. If you want a new one, you can spec it up and leave a £100 deposit with Tesla, but it will only be considered a ‘pre-order’, with the final price of your car to be calculated closer to delivery. The Long Range version of the firm’s large saloon is still really impressive in terms of range though, with its 95kWh (est) battery capable of powering it for up to 405 miles, claims the brand.

2022 Tesla Model S

Polestar 2 395 miles
Prices from £44,950

The Polestar 2 has shot right up onto the podium, with its extensive mid-life facelift unlocking a huge amount of additional range from the relatively compact saloon-cum-crossover and Tesla Model 3 rival. A switch to a new electric motor system powering the rear axle, plus tweaked battery management means that the single-motor long-range version of the car now puts up an impressive 395 miles - though this version costs £48,950.

BMW i7 387 miles
Prices from £110,545

BMW’s new, all-electric i7 is certainly one of the most divisive looking electric cars on sale right now, but it’s also one of the best in terms of how far it will go on a full charge. 387 miles is BMW’s official claim, backed up by 195kW rapid charging capability that will replenish the 105kWh battery to 80% in around half an hour. A direct rival for the Mercedes EQS, it also rivals the Merc’s ‘Hyperscreen’ with a tech party piece of its own - a 31.3-inch cinema screen in the rear.

Mercedes EQE 384 miles
Prices from £74,345

The EQE is essentially a slightly smaller version of the EQS, and you shouldn’t need Columbo’s detective skills to work out it’s Mercedes' electric E-Class equivalent. Big potential range, ample performance, fine luxury, and rich tech all combine to make for a compelling new offering for drivers looking for a rounded business saloon. At launch, the EQE 350 version was quoted as being capable of a hugely impressive 410 miles. That’s since been revised down to an official figure of 384 miles, but it’s still enough to land a spot in the top five longest range cars on sale right now.

Mercedes EQE front tracking

BMW iX 382 miles
Prices from £69,905

The BMW iX SUV is a large, purpose made electric 4x4 that stands out as being the longest range electric SUV on sale today - but at a price. The base price of £69,905 is for the xDrive40 model in Sport trim, with a 77kWh battery capable of taking the brand’s Tesla Model X rival 264 miles on a full charge. If you want to unlock the 382 mile capability, you’ll need to step up to the large battery xDrive50 model, only available in M Sport trim and up. Prices for this one start from £99,785 at the time of writing.

Polestar 3 379 miles
Prices from £79,900

We’ve yet to drive the new Polestar 3, but order books are open for it now, with first deliveries promised towards the end of 2023. And we reckon those who get their name down early likely won’t be disappointed. The large SUV is the first Polestar to break the mould from parent company Volvo, with a more unique design and interior than what’s gone before it with the Polestar 1 and 2. And the numbers it puts out are very promising. The entry-level Long range Dual motor version is also the best in terms of absolute reach, claiming a range of up to 379 miles on a full charge. We can’t wait to put it to the test ourselves.

Tesla Model 3 LR 374 miles
Prices from £42,990

Tesla’s Model 3 is a common sight on UK roads these days, and for good reason. This old favourite remains one of the longest range cars on sale, with appeal in abundance and a price tag that makes it competitive with petrol powered rivals like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class. Prices start from £42,990, but the Long Range version of the car, capable of 374 miles on a full charge and with four-wheel-drive, is the sweet spot of the line-up. Priced from £50,990, it’s not just an EV you can go far in, but one you can have fun in, too. 0-60mph takes just 4.2 seconds.

Lotus Eletre 373 miles
Prices from £89,500

This is a first for Lotus. The Eletre isn't the sports car's first all-electric model - the incredible Evija hypercar has that covered. But it is the brand's first SUV, and one it hopes can break into a growing market of luxury full size electric 4x4s with a sportier outlook than most. The Eletre's large body houses and equally impressive battery, rated at 112kWh in capacity. With that on board, Lotus claims a range of 373 miles, while charging promises to be rapid, with a maximum rate of 350kW possible if you find a plug powerful enough.  

Ford Mustang Mach-E 372 miles
Prices from £50,830

Ford’s first attempt at building a mass production, all-electric car is an absolute peach. Forget the daft name (it has nothing in common with its famous V8 muscle-car stablemate) and concentrate on all the stuff Ford has got right, like the nicely balanced driving experience, handsome design and high equipment levels. You’ll need to pony up top dollar (just under £60k) for the ER extended range model that comes with the larger 88kWh battery pack, but the reward is an official WLTP range of 372 miles. We estimate that most drivers will get around 300 in real world driving, but that will still me more than enough for most. Factor in a maximum rapid charging speed of 150kW as standard, and the Mustang package looks a very impressive one.

Ford Mustang mach e gt exterior side driving in country

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