EVIOS One charger review

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£675 plus installation
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Solar Compatible:

The EVIOS is packed with clever features which allow you to prioritise low price energy by using off-peak tariffs, ‘green’ energy from solar panels or just charge at the highest speed. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability to create up to eight separate user profiles controlled by a PIN, so the charger can be shared by different users in a block of flats or office. Costs can then be assigned according to the energy used. 

Users can easily see exactly how many miles have been added in each charging session, and the cost, via an app or a screen on the unit which EVIOS claim is the largest colour screen of any home charger. 

The British-built One also connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, allowing users to adjust settings and review charge status via voice commands. 

It can accept 22kW feeds at locations with three-phase power and there is a 7m cable option if you need to park further away from the charger or have a port on the ‘wrong’ side of the car.

Reviewed by 

Tom Barnard

19 Sep 2023

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