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Audi e-tron Used

Ginny Says



“Many people will love the way the e-tron looks, it’s first and foremost a luxurious Audi SUV, but others will wish it makes more of a statement. Personally I fall into the later camp, although I’m impressed by how refined and comfortable it is to drive.”

Tom Says



“Another one of those big-manufacturer EV SUVs that tries very hard not to offend. Not as sporty as a Jag iPace, the e-Tron is for Audi SUV owners who don’t want to be intellectually challenged. It’s a good car - just not a revolutionary electric SUV.  ”

Although it’s new to the market, dealers are starting to sell ex-demonstrator e-trons at meaningful discounts over the list price. 

  • Prices from:£60,950

Used Models

If you are not too worried about being the first name on your e-tron’s registration document then you can save a reasonable chunk of money by hunting down an ex-demonstrator car from a dealer. At the time of writing there were 49 advertised and prices started at £60,950 – a £7,000 saving which doesn’t take into account any options fitted. A top spec Launch Edition was priced at £70,000 and had covered 2,000 miles – that’s an £8,000 discount. 

Of course, buying used will only make sense if you can find one in a specification you like. If the exact car you would choose isn’t available, don’t be prepared to pay extra for options you don’t want or need. 

Also do your sums carefully, as used cars often aren’t available with the same finance offers and packages as new cars. Unless you are paying cash or sorting your own funding, it can sometimes be more cost-effective to take the better interest rate or purchase scheme on a brand new car. Ask the salesman to talk you through the options.

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