Ford Transit PHEV Review

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Price: £32,715 - £45,788 (after grant, +VAT)

The van which is called “The backbone of Britain” has finally gone electric. It’s impressive too, but check if a full EV would suit your business better.



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  • Battery size: 13.6 kWh
  • Company car tax: 13%
  • Emissions: 70 g/km
  • Range: 26 miles (electric only)
  • Fuel economy: 91.7 MPG
  • Ford Transit PHEV
  • Ford Transit PHEV
  • Ford Transit PHEV
  • Ford Transit PHEV
  • Ford Transit PHEV
  • Ford Transit PHEV
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 13/08/2020・Updated: 15/06/2022

Ginny Says

“The Transit going electric is big news and the PHEV looks suitably impressive. But at the moment it's a costly option which will only make financial sense for a pretty narrow selection of businesses who need to travel long distances and drive in low emission zones.”

Nicki Says

“I know it's expensive but the Transit PHEV has some lovely engineering to make the lives of city dwellers better. My favourite bit is the geofencing, which switches from petrol to electric automatically when you enter a city by using GPS locators.”

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Ford Transit PHEV

An electric-only range of 26 miles might not seem huge, but that could be the entire distance a van can cover in a congested city during the course of a working day. 

  • Range:26 miles (electric only)
  • Battery:13.6 kWh
  • Domestic socket:4.3 hours
  • Home/Public charger (7kW):2.7 hours
  • Fast charging 0-80% (50kW):N/A


Start your working day with the battery charged and the Transit should cover 26 miles on electricity only, according to the official figures. That might well be plenty if you are trudging around doing stop-start deliveries in a big city. Venture further afield and the petrol engine will take over, either automatically or on your command. The combined petrol-electric range is more than 300 miles. Where the system makes most sense is when travelling into a town, as the Transit will save the battery and switch over when it reaches the city limits using GPS ‘geo-fencing’ technology. If that sounds a bit scary, you can just press a switch on the dashboard instead. 


The 13.6 kWh battery in the Transit isn’t huge, being about the same size as in a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV van and smaller than in Ford’s own Kuga PHEV. 

It’s been cleverly shaped though to fit under the floor and front seats though, meaning it has no impact on the load space available and actually makes the van more stable than a diesel version, as the weight is low down and right in the centre of the vehicle. 


Buying a Transit PHEV will make little sense unless you can plug it in, either at home, work, or on the street in between jobs. The socket is beneath the passenger side headlamp and a full charge takes under three hours if you’re using a dedicated wallbox or street charger. A three-pin plug will extend the time to around 4.3 hours - fine if you are topping up the battery overnight at home or during the day in a works car park. 

It’s understandable that employees might not want to plug in at home as it’ll add to their personal electricity bill, so the Transit’s dedicated app will work out where and when it has been charged to allow accurate expense claims to be made.

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