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Hyundai Kona Electric Used

Tom Says



“Range isn’t everything, but when Hyundai’s bigger-battery means you can drive for around 280 miles in the real-world, it certainly makes things more convenient. Plus, the Kona is a useful size, looks pretty good and doesn’t cost a billion pounds. A practical, family EV.  ”

Ginny Says



“The Hyundai Kona has picked up it’s fair share of awards and it’s easy to see why. This is a no-nonsense car to live with, it’s enjoyable to drive, has a practical driving range and is cheap to run. It’s a great option if you’re thinking of going electric for the first time. ”

The waiting list for new cars is keeping prices high – some dealers are even asking for a premium.

  • Prices from:£26,000

Used Models

With the demand for new Kona Electrics being buoyant at present, dealers are not having to discount much for the used models they have in stock. Many of the adverts we spotted online seemed to show cars which were covered in the garage’s stickers, suggesting they were trying their luck with a high price on their demonstrator cars to see if they could get a quick profit from someone who is desperate to jump the queue and get in a Kona without a wait.

The cheapest Kona Electrics are the early models which have a smaller 39kW battery and 180-mile range. This should still be plenty for many buyers so shouldn’t be dismissed as they’re around £10,000 less than the cheaper 64kW model.

Also bear in mind that any Kona which has an official list price over £40,000 when it was new will be subject to an extra charge when you need to buy road tax until it is six years old. That’s currently £320 per year, so it’s well worth checking. The information will be listed on the registration document.

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