Mazda MX-30 Review

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Price: £28,550 - £34,350

Mazda’s first electric car has some of the fun-to-drive nature of a sportscar. It’s not got a huge range, but is an intriguing alternative to a MINI Electric or Honda e

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  • Battery size: 35.5 kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 4.2
  • E-Rating™: C

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  • Max charge rate: 35 kW
  • Range: 124 miles

  • Mazda CX 30
  • Red Mazda CX30 front parked
  • Red Mazda CX30 rear driving
  • Red Mazda CX30 front driving
  • Mazda CX30 interior
  • Red Mazda CX30 boot space
  • Red Mazda CX30 parked rear and left side
  • E-Rating C
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 17/06/2020・Updated: 2/08/2022

Ginny Says

“Mazda's first all-electric offering is a good looking car and I’m a fan of those cool doors. But the downside is that the modest driving range doesn't really make sense in a larger family car while the interior feels a little dated.”

Tom Says

“Really interesting little SUV from Mazda, this. Small battery (35.5kw), lighter than most. Mazda has gone for faster charging (80% in 30/40 mins on a fast charger), rather than range (a still reasonable 124miles). The right choice?”

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Mazda CX30 interior centre console

Got questions? We've put together the most frequently-asked topics below. If there's something we haven't answered here or in the review then let us know on our contact page.  

Does the Mazda MX-30 have four-wheel drive?

Nope. It is front wheel drive only, and doesn't have any off-road capabilities.

Is there a hybrid version of the Mazda MX-30?

No - it is purely electric for now. However there is a huge space under the bonnet and rumours that there will be a range-extender version coming. That will have a small petrol engine to generate a bit of extra electricity to get you home when the battery is tired.

How big is the Mazda MX-30?

Surprisingly long - it is 4,395mm which is about the same as a Nissan Leaf. That means you get a bigger boot than its city car rivals, but the rear seat space is nothing to write home about.

Is the Mazda MX-30 a safe car?

Yes, according to the independent testers at EuroNCAP. In fact it got the highest score ever under the new 2020 test rules. That's great news if you are in an accident, but be warned - the gadgets which are designed to stop you having an accident can seem irritatingly nannying.

What's with the cork inside the Mazda MX-30?

There's cork trim dotted about the cabin. It makes a nice change from wood or 'piano black' but might not be to everyone's taste. It's a nod to Mazda's heritage, as the company started out as a cork maker 100 years ago. 

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