Mercedes EQC Review

Price: £65,720 - £74,310

Mercedes’ first proper electric car has a lot going for it, but isn’t exceptional in any one area and won't set your world on fire.

  • Battery size: 80kWh
  • Miles per £: 17.6
  • E-Rating™: D

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  • Emissions: 0g/km
  • Range: 231-259 miles

Ginny Says

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“I wanted to like the EQC more than I do. Yes it’s a well built, impressively quiet, luxurious and comfortable electric SUV, but it simply doesn't excite me or have the best range.  I think the Jaguar I-Pace is more interesting and fun to drive, while the longer range Audi e-tron is also worth a look.”

Tom Says


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“Hmm. It’s a good car, the EQC. If there's a criticism to be made, it’s that it feels like a GLC with an electric drivetrain plumbed in. Which is sort of what it is - the two are cousins. It’s a pleasant and relaxing way of gadding about, but not one that will set your trousers on fire.”

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It might not have the headline performance of some rivals, but the EQC is fast and refined.

  • 0-60mph:5.1 secs
  • Top speed:112 mph


Compared to a Jaguar I-PACE or Tesla Model X, the Mercedes looks a little slow. In fact the EQC’s 112mph top speed would be beaten by a 1.0-litre Ford Fiesta. But in the real world, the EQC feels as fast as you would ever need to be a car to be, especially in situations where instant power is a real advantage, such as pulling onto a motorway or overtaking slower traffic on a country lane. 

To provide this power, the EQC has two motors which combine to produce 402bhp. It’s four-wheel-drive too of course, so this performance can be used safely in slippery conditions. 

So while it doesn’t have the same ‘oh my gosh’ feeling you’d get from a Tesla in full Ludicrous mode, the EQC still has enough power to mean you’d not feel short changed if you traded in one of Mercedes’ AMG models – unless you regularly visit Germany’s speed limitless autobahns. 


Anyone who is used to a Mercedes will be able to get in and drive an EQC with no extra tuition. Select ‘drive’ and move off. The only adjustment needed then will be to get used to the silence, as the EQC is one of the most refined and serene cars on the road. It makes driving it incredibly relaxing, even compared to other electric cars.

This theme continues for the rest of the EQC too. Whereas some rivals such as the Jaguar I-PACE are exciting and sporty-feeling, the Mercedes concentrates more on an ability to relax the driver by soaking up the bumps and the noise from the road with efficiency. 

There’s no hiding that this is a heavy car though – it weighs more than any of its peers, including the larger Tesla Model X. It’s well controlled by the suspension and brakes, but you feel the weight in corners or when you touch the brake pedal.

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