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The Mercedes-Benz EQV mixes fully electric power with a full-sized people carrier. It makes for a compelling, practical mix. 



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  • Battery size: 90kWh
  • Miles per kWh: 2.34
  • E-Rating™: E

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  • Max charge rate: 110 kW
  • Range: 211-213 miles
  • Mercedes EQV electric van
  • Mercedes EQV electric van exterior rear parked
  • Mercedes EQV exterior front driving on bridge
  • Mercedes EQV exterior side parked
  • Mercedes EQV interior dashboard and display
  • Mercedes EQV rear seats with child seat
  • Mercedes EQV electric van connected to Ionity charger
  • E-Rating E
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 18/09/2020・Updated: 15/06/2022

Ginny Says

“I reckon posh vans like the EQV are becoming just as fashionable as SUVs. If you don't believe me, drive through any posh glamping site in Cornwall. With an electric powertrain they make even more sense as they are refined and cheaper to run.”

Tom Says

“Forward-thinking taxi firms with short-hop executive airport transfers take note: the EQV could be for you. Ok, so it’s a specific set of requirements, but you can’t fault the ambition. Also good for big families who like electric vans. Again, pretty specific...”

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Mercedes EQV electric van connected to Ionity charger

The EQV might not travel quite as far as the best EV range stars out there, but few will carry so many and in such comfort, so it’s a happy compromise. 

  • Range:211-213 miles
  • Battery:90kW
  • Home/Public charger (7kW):11 hrs
  • Fast charging 20-80% (50kW):80 mins
  • Ultra Fast Charging (Supercharging) 20-80% (150kW):45 mins


Mercedes-Benz quotes a WLTP combined range figure of between 211 and 213 miles. You’ll get the extra 2 miles if you opt for the entry-level EQV 400 Sport model, with the additional equipment and bigger wheels of the Sport Premium and Sport Premium Plus shaving of those few extra miles. The range isn’t as good as its EQC relation, but Mercedes-Benz has done a lot of research into typical usage, and reckons the typical European only travels around 15 miles a day, so a full charge should easily last a week. There’s cabin pre-conditioning via a smartphone app, meaning it’ll be either warm or cool inside the cabin as you like it, and depending on the time of year, which is both comfortable for you setting off, and saves power when doing so, too. 


The battery is listed at 90kW, but it’s actually a 100kW one under the floor, with just 90kW used to help with longevity. It’s big enough, then, though we can’t help but be a little bit disappointed that Mercedes-Benz didn’t make a bit more use of the EQV’s available space to add a slightly bigger battery to up the range even further. Doing so would have added a bit of weight, though, and at over 2.5 tonnes the EQV’s already a hefty machine, and we’ve no doubt Mercedes-Benz’s boffins decided this battery size would be the best solution. 


Should the 213 maximum range not quite reach your desired destination Mercedes-Benz has made charging as simple as possible. There’s a free year subscription to the Ionity charging network for fast charging, the EQV able to accept a 110kW charge with its on-board systems. Do that and it’ll top up from 10% battery to 80% in 45 minutes. If you’ve a wallbox at home it’ll take about 10 hours to get it back to 100% from 10%, while Mercedes me Charging should allow it to access any public charger and pay via a single payment means. Naturally, all this can be monitored by an EQV specific area in your Mercedes me app on your smartphone. 

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