MINI Countryman PHEV Review


Price £36,600 - £40,850 

MINI’s biggest car has had a facelift, more range and some extra green credentials. That makes it great for commuting and short trips, though it's expensive.



  • Lightning
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  • Battery: 9.6 kWh
  • Company car tax: 12%
  • Emissions: 40 g/km
  • Range: 38 miles (electric)
  • Fuel economy: 62.8 MPG
  •  Mini Countryman PHEV
  • Mini Countryman PHEV exterior front driving in forest
  • Mini Countryman PHEV exterior rear parked
  • Mini Countryman PHEV exterior rear driving in forest
  • Mini Countryman PHEV connected to charger
  • Mini Countryman PHEV interior dashboard and display
  • Mini Countryman PHEV interior rear seats
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 21/09/2020・Updated: 21/09/2022

Nicki Says

“The last Countryman PHEV was one of the best-driving PHEVs around but had an infuriatingly small battery which gave you no more than 15 miles of range in cold weather. The bigger battery in this one is welcome.”

Ginny Says

“I love MINIs, even though the Countryman isn't very miniature at all. The PHEV is now even more practical thanks to a bigger battery, but my heart will always say go the whole hog and get the pure electric MINI hatch.”

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Mini Countryman PHEV connected to charger

Got questions? We've put together the most frequently-asked topics below. If there's something we haven't answered here or in the review then let us know on our contact page

How does the MINI Countryman Cooper SE Plug-In Hybrid work? 

It’s an EV and a petrol car combined. When the situation calls for it to be an electric car, its rear-mounted electric motor will drive the car around without using any fuel. If the petrol engine is needed, it’ll kick in and drive the front wheels as well. 

Can the MINI Countryman Cooper SE Plug-In Hybrid self charge? 

Yes! While you’ll get more power in to the battery faster by plugging it in (and save more fuel), the car will regenerate electricity and pop it in to the battery while braking or coasting. Just remember that 'self charging' means 'petrol burning'. 

Is there a fully electric MINI Countryman? 

Not yet, for now there’s only a plug-in hybrid version. That said, with the MINI Electric Hatch out in the wild, we know MINI has the tech to make it happen, and the Countryman’s bigger body means more space for more batteries… 

Where is the MINI Countryman Cooper SE Plug-In Hybrid made? 

Unlike its stablemates, the MINI Countryman Cooper SE Plug-In Hybrid isn’t made in Oxford, but in Graz, Austria. 

Where is the battery in the MINI Countryman Cooper SE Plug-In Hybrid?

The batteries that power the electric motor are under the rear seats. This means there’s a touch less boot space in the PHEV than the regular ICE cars, but not a world ending amount. 

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