Renault Master E-Tech Review


Price from: £50,915 (excluding grant)

The revamped all-electric Master E-Tech should be a leader in its class, but a small battery means lower range than most rivals. While the Renault Master has made its name as an affordable, high quality, commercially viable van over the last few years, it seems to have lost its way a little. 



  • Lightning
  • Lightning
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  • Battery size: 52kWh
  • Range: 124 miles
  • E-Rating™: E
  • Max charge range (AC only): 22kW
  • Real world range: 87 miles
  • E-Rating E
Driven and reviewed by・ Published: 1/07/2022・Updated: 14/09/2022

Ginny Says

“I’m a little underwhelmed by this to be honest. In a market where bigger batteries and rapid charging are all must-haves for business users, it seems strange that Renault is lumbering the Master with such a lowly specification. Sub 100 mile real world range won’t be enough for most. ”

Nicki Says

“I’m not sure what Renault is doing with this. A new Ford E-Transit comes with a much bigger battery, 115kW rapid charging and the option to use the main battery as a power source. The Master has none of these and I really think it will struggle to compete with the  large vans already out there. ”

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When will the Renault Master E-Tech be available for order?

It’s set for release in early 2023, and with further specifications being released this summer, you can expect the order books to open soon after.

How much will the Renault Master E-Tech cost?

Renault has not yet announced the cost price, but a rumoured estimation of over £50,000 has been circulated. The van will also be eligible for the Government’s now-updated Electric Car Grant – with a saving of up to £5,000 on offer.

What is the range capability of the Renault Master E-Tech?

Renault has claimed a potential WLTP range of 124 miles from its 52kWh battery pack.

What versions of the Renault Master E-Tech will be available to me?

There are three different body lengths, height and weight classes available, with a total of 15 varying models to choose from.

How much storage space does the Renault Master E-Tech have?

Considering the Master E-Tech is one of the biggest vans you will be able to buy, the model you choose dictates a cargo load of between eight and 13 cubic metres of space.

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