Mike Askew

Deputy Editor & Head of Design

A true jack of all trades, Mike spent 15 years working as a motoring journalist, traveling the world testing cars for various car magazines on what was effectively one long holiday. After a brief 12-year stint as head of Weymouth's third-best design agency, Mike returned to automotive journalism, becoming one of the world's most available writers. At Electrifying.com, he has been able to combine his love for all things design with a tireless (and some say tiresome) obsession with electric cars. A car nerd to the core, Mike was one of just a handful of fools to order a new Renault Twizy – a decision he is still paying for (literally). Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2021, Mike currently owns a Hyundai IONIQ 5 and a BMW i3 and can usually be found hanging around rapid chargers on the A34 (trying to get them to work). 

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