Charge points to be fitted to in all new buildings from 2022

Tom Barnard


The Prime Minster is set to announce that all new building developments in Britain will have to have dedicated electric car charging points by law from 2022. 

The requirement will apply to all new homes to have chargers fitted, along with all commercial properties with more than 10 parking spaces. 

It will also apply to ‘major renovation’ projects and is expected to add at 145,000 chargers to Britain’s total every year. 

In addition to helping drivers makes the switch to electric vehicles by being able to plug in at home, work, or while shopping, the move will also help expand charge point sharing and rental schemes such as CoCharger which allow neighbours to make use of vacant charge points for a fee.

Range Rover Evoque charging at public charger Commercial properties with more than 10 spaces will also need chargers to be included in the plans

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