Ecotricity announces new electric vehicle tariff with 5 hours at 8p/kWh

Tom Barnard

20 Feb 2024

Ecotricity has launched a new one-year fixed price tariff for electric vehicle owners, offering an overnight charge rate of just 8p per unit of electricity.

The new package has highly competitive rates, making it cheaper than the ‘benchmark’ Octopus Go prices for both off peak and peak. 

The new rate is available from 12am-5am GMT every night – an hour longer than Octopus’ (non-Intelligent) Go. But the the Ecotricity saving could be wiped out for many customers by the highest standing charge of any of the main suppliers offering special EV tariffs. The 53p/day rate makes in around £45 more per year for the standing charge than the cheapest, from British Gas.

You can see how it stacks up against rivals here in our run down of all the EV tariffs.

Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince said: “We kickstarted the electric vehicle revolution in Britain with the first ever electric vehicle tariff, powered the first roadside charging point and built the first ever national charging network, the Electric Highway. It’s in our DNA, this is what we’re here for.” 

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