Fiat reveal 600e by dunking it in orange paint

Tom Barnard

22 Jun 2023

Fiat has taken the unusual step of revealing its new all-electric 600e mini-SUV by dunking the entire car in a vat of orange paint – with the company’s CEO in the passenger seat.

This strange move is supposedly linking to the bold choice of colours which will be available on the new car. Earlier this year, CEO Olivier Francois told a group of European media including that he was fed up of grey colours and was on a mission to banish them from his brand's ranges. 

Although official details are scarce, its known that the 600e will use the same basic architecture as the Jeep Avenger. That means a 51kWh battery and 154bhp motor, giving a range of around 250 miles.If you would like to see what the car (and CEO) look like – before and after the dunking – the official video of the stunt is below.

The new car is clearly visible in the video

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