Fisker fleshes out core details of new Pear

Tom Barnard

3 Sep 2023

Electric car start up Fisker has revealed more details of its £30,000 Pear ‘city car’, which is due to follow the bigger Ocean SUV into production in 2025.

Besides its lightweight and cheap to manufacture structure and drivertrain, the Pear features numerous clever features to make life easier for urban drivers. These include a bootlid which slides down into the back bumper, an insulated ‘frunk’ for keeping takeaways warm and a van-like bench front seat which turns it into a six-seater.

The Pear will be built in the US in collaboration with Foxconn, the company which is best known for its huge iPhone assembly factories in China.

The 'Houdini' hatch disappears down into the back bumper

It uses a lightweight steel body structure which Fisker claim uses 35% fewer parts than a conventional EV. It’s not a small car though – at 4,550mm it is longer than a Nissan Qashqai.

To make it less of an effort to open the boot when it’s squeezed into tight parking spaces, the Pear features a ‘Houdini trunk’. Instead of opening conventionally, the glass and bootlid disappear down into the back bumper. 

Additional features include a drawer-like front boot that Fisker say could be used to store anything from delivery pizzas to sweaty workout gear, thereby keeping odours out of the cabin. It will be offered with an insulated option to keep food hot or cold.

A bench front seat is an option, making the Pear into a six seater

The cabin itself is practical rather than posh, with no fragile moving parts. This is said to make it better for car-sharing applications and parents with clumsy kids.

The Pear will also have a Lounge Mode, where all the seats folding flat including the rear seat folding backwards into the luggage area, which creates a large bed space for ‘relaxing’. If you are not asleep, the Pear will be available with a 17.1-inch rotating screen for watching films. 

Two battery options will provide an estimated range of either 198 or 348 miles. It will be offered with both rear wheel and all-wheel drive, riding on standard 20-inch wheels. The car is expected to deliver a base 0-60mph time of 6.3 seconds, but a high-performance variant, the Extreme, will also be in the line up. 

Manufacturing and deliveries are expected to commence in July 2025, assuming Fisker can overcome its precarious financial situation. 

Although billed as a city car, the Pear is longer than a Qashqai

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