GRIDSERVE powers up M25 hub with 12 new 350kW chargers

Mike Askew


GRIDSERVE has opened its latest High Power Electric Super Hub on the UK’s busiest motorway - the M25. The all-new site at Moto Thurrock, located on the eastern side of the M25 between junctions 30 and 31, features 12 of GRIDSERVE’s industry-leading electric vehicle chargers. The chargers have the capability of providing up to 350kW of power and are the fastest commercially available chargers in the UK.

The charge units feature both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, accept contactless payment and provide real-time status updates to the the UK’s most popular EV charging apps. Like all other GRIDSERVE chargers the new units are powered by 100% net zero carbon energy from the company’s pioneering hybrid solar + battery farms.

 Thurrock is the fourth all-new High Power Electric Super Hubs to go live over the course of the last five weeks, joining Burton-in-Kendal, Exeter and Swansea. The brand, which acquired Electric Highway from Ecotricity less that a year ago, has also opened its second, Electric Forecourt in Norwich.

GRIDSERVE’s expansion shows no sign of slowing. Information collated by shows that at least 10 new hub sites are already under construction with more at the planning stage. GRIDSERVE has also announced plans to build another Electric Forecourt with 30+ chargers at Markham Vale near Chesterfield.

New GRIDSERVE sites under construction
Gatwick M23: 24 x 350kW
Heston M4: 6 x 350kW
Cornwall Services A30: 6 x 350kW
Leigh Delamere M4: 6-12 x 350kW
Severn View M4: 6-12 x 350kW
Reading M4: 10 x 350kW
South Mimms M25: 6 x 350kW
Birch Services M62: 6 x 350kW
Woolley Edge Services M1: 6-12 x 350kW
Wetherby A1: 6-12 x 350kW


GRIDSERVE plans to build another Electric Forecourt in Markham Vale with more than 30 chargers

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