Huge Kia EV9 SUV teased as a show car

Tom Barnard


Kia has teased the planned big brother for the EV6 with a show car which hints at the planned EV9 SUV.

The 4.9m SUV will be the next model built on the brand’s new electric car structure, which is also shared with Hyundai. 

According to lengthy press release which is light on detail, Kia says the EV9’s design has been ‘inspired by nature’, and uses upcycled materials developed from ocean waste, including plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets.

Although Kia officially calls the new model Concept EV9, we can expect a car which looks similar to be launched in 2023.

Nothing yet is known about the battery options or range, but Kia has stated previously that the structure used in the EV6 is modular and can be adapted to accommodate different numbers of battery cells. Given the size of the EV9, it’s likely that it will come with more than the 77.4kWh pack currently offered in the EV6. 

Features in the show car include a solar panel on the bonnet and a 'light show' hidden behind the grill pattern. Kia's press release also says; "The Concept EV9 features a design inspired by taking note of the simplicity and perfection of nature, and how it contrasts and works together in perfect harmony. In this respect, the Concept EV9 took further inspiration from the ‘Water Element’ of Opposites United, taking on characteristics that relate to serenity, calmness and wellbeing." We're not sure what this means; if you have any idea please let us know. 

The EV9 is heavily inspired by nature, says Kia
The EV9 interior is all about calmness and nature, according to the designers

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