Hyundai Kona gets Amazon Music streaming

Tom Barnard

17 Nov 2023

Hyundai is launching in-car music streaming, starting from the all-new Kona Electric. Amazon Music will be the first streaming service to feature. 

The feature allows Amazon Music subscribers to enjoy their favourite songs while on the road, all without incurring any additional data charges during a three-year complimentary period. 

Customers with an Amazon Music subscription and valid Hyundai Bluelink activation will have access to their favourite music and playlists on the go.

For existing Kona ICE/HEV owners, the music streaming feature will be retroactively applied through a regular software update.

Further developments, such as voice commands for selecting specific songs or artists via voice recognition, will be rolled out at a later stage. 

Kona is the first to get the service

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