Hyundai offers free servicing for EV buyers

Tom Barnard


The running costs of electric cars are already low, but Hyundai is now offering three years free servicing to buyers who test drive a Kona or Ioniq between the 11th and 20th of September. 

The offer is part of the ‘Turn On To Electric’ event, and covers the Kona Electric, Ioniq Electric and Plug-In Hybrid. 

In addition to the free service offer, Hyundai is also continuing its finance deals over the period, including the £296 per month PCH with a £3,543 deposit for 8,000 miles a year on a Personal Contract Hire. That’s similar – or even less – than an equivalent petrol or diesel.

Another main attraction of the Kona and Ioniq is that dealers have availability of stock, so you can get hold of one in days rather than months. 

Because of the COVID restrictions it’s necessary to book a place on the event with your local dealer, which can be done via this link here.

You can watch Tom's video review of the Kona Electric here.

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