Kia teases the all-new e-Niro

Tom Barnard


The design department at Kia has been busy. Just days after revealing its flagship EV9, the company has released images of the all-new e-Niro, which is set to become its best-selling electric car. 

The darkened and computer generated shots are designed to 'tease' the public ahead of the car's official debut at a Korean motor show on 25th November. 

Although the shots are deliberately disguising, the car's resemblance to an earlier design study - called Habaniro - is clear. 

The new car is expected to go on sale in the second half of 2022 and is crucial for Kia. The e-Niro is currently the best-selling model in the Niro line-up, with 10,347 UK sales year-to-date. There will also be PHEV versions of the new model.

2022 Kia e-Niro teaser image, rear No need to adjust your set - the teaser pictures have been deliberately darkened to tease
2022 Kia e-Niro teaser image, interior and dashboard The interior appears to scale down the bigger EV6 look
The new car closely resembles an earlier design study called the Habaniro

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