MG goes posh with new Tesla-rivalling 'Intelligent Mobility' brand

Tom Barnard

26 Feb 2024

MG is moving upmarket with an new, posher brand called IM which is designed to take on Tesla with super fast charging and a range of up to 500 miles. The IM models will go on sale in the UK in the middle of 2025.

The company revealed an all new model called the L6 which is aimed squarely at the Tesla Model 3 and will be priced to compete with it and other rivals such as the BYD Seal.

It features a new powertrain which runs at up to 875v, meaning it can charge at a a peak of 396kW – higher than any other car currently on sale in the UK.

The first models will use a conventional lithium ion battery, giving a claimed range of 375 miles. This will be followed by a solid state pack which IM claim will give a  500+ mile range. 

The car also features technology which uses AI to help the driver, including a ‘Rainy Night Mode’ which darkens the screens and fills in the blind spots around the car with camera screen views.

In addition to the new L6, the brand will also offer a two electric SUVs – the LS6 and LS7.

They will be sold in the UK through a conventional dealer network, usually in partnership with MG models. 

The L6 will offer faster charging than any other car currently sold in the UK

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