MINI reinvents the campervan!

Tom Barnard


Ever wished your car could have more home comforts? Perhaps a sofa, pot plant or even a balcony? MINI could be coming to your rescue with a new car which changes to a high-tech living room at the flick of switch. 

The Vision Urbanaut only exists currently as an electronic drawing but could point the way to a new VW camper rival from the British maker. MINI say the all-electric car is a “vision of space in an all-new form, offering maximum interior space and versatility on a minimal footprint.”

The car's lighting changes to match what's happening inside

The Urbanaut has three modes which MINI calls ‘moments’ to turn it into an office or living room. When the car is stationary, the driver’s area transforms into a seating corner with the dashboard lowered and turned into a bed. 

If you want some fresh air or to chat with passers-by, the windscreen can be opened upwards to create what MINI calls a “Street Balcony”. This mimics the opening windscreen on the original Type 2 VW camper vans from the 1950s.

Pot plant is built in, so it shouldn't soil the interior

Not even the VW has a pot plant fitted as standard though. The Urbanaut features a small integrated table with a plant built in and even has an electronic noticeboard to which the owner can add pictures of places travelled, festivals or other events. 

There’s no news on the mechanical bits of the Urbanaut, other than it being an all-electric car with the motors and batteries stored under the floor, making the inside completely flat. MINI is also suggesting the car would have some self-driving capabilities which would allow the driver to let the car take over while they enjoy the comforts of the lounge on the move.

The comfiest car we've seen - sofa(r)

If you can’t wait for the Urbanaut to become a reality then head for your nearest VW showroom. The company is said to be putting its reborn campervan into production, using the underpinnings of the electric ID.3 – and it’s due in 2022.

The MINI will have to take on the ID.Buzz from Volkswagen
Urbanaut only exists electronically for now
Glass roof will help the pot plant to thrive

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