New bp pulse ultra-fast charging hubs to rival Gridserve forecourts

Tom Barnard


bp pulse is to go head-to-head with Gridserve by building a network of new charging hubs and forecourts. 

The company has formed a partnership with infrastructure development Company The EV Network to deliver a ‘significant number’ of new ultra-fast EV charging hubs in areas with high volumes of traffic. 

The sites will be developed by EVN with each having a range of ultra-fast charging bays. Some will become EV convenience and mobility hubs with food, drink and other facilities on offer to drivers as they charge. They will all be at new locations, rather than expansions of existing bp pulse charging facilities. 

The first EV charging and convenience hub with 24 ultra-fast charging points will open in autumn 2021 at an undisclosed location within easy reach of a motorway hub.

man charging electric vehicle with bp pulse fast charger The sites will have up to 24 high-power rapid chargers

The company is aiming to double the size of the bp pulse network in the UK to 16,000 charge points by 2030, with a particular emphasis on ultra-fast chargers. 

Rival Gridserve also plans similar hubs with forecourt-style facilities, and has recently opened its first site in Braintree. It has also entered an agreement to replace all the elderly Ecotricity chargers currently used at motorway service areas. 

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of bp pulse, said: “We’re taking another step forward in our commitment to make ultra-fast charging widely accessible across the UK, including in easy reach of the motorway network. These new hubs will complement bp pulse’s existing plans to expand the number of ultra-fast chargers on bp’s forecourts.” 

Reza Shaybani, co-founder and CEO of EVN said: “As the largest public charge point operator in the market, bp pulse is a perfect partner for EVN to deliver critically required EV charging infrastructure nationwide. Together we will be fuelling growth in a vital part of the UK’s green economy, making a reliable national network of EV charging stations a reality for fast growing number of Electric Vehicle drivers.”

Mazda MX 30 sport tech electric car charging at Gridserve The new sites will rival the planned Gridserve forecourts
bp pulse fast electric vehicle charging hub The first site will open in the autumn and be close to a motorway hub

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