New ID.2: Volkswagen plays its safe with £22,000 all-electric supermini

Mike Askew

17 Mar 2023

Volkswagen has signalled its intent to be a dominant force in the sub-£22,000 electric car market with the unveiling of a new ID. 2all concept car. Destined for production in 2025, the new model is one of 10 all-new electric cars scheduled to launch by 2026, and is likely to be a big seller if the brand is able to bring it to market at its projected price. 

Unveiled at a special launch event in Hannover, Germany, the ID. 2all is expected to be called simply ID.2 when it arrives in 2025. It will be based on a new, smaller version of the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform – a universal set of underpinnings onto which any number of body shapes can be built. The smaller MEB platform (officially called MEB Entry) will be used across the Volkswagen Group, with Škoda and Cupra set to introduce their own versions of the ID.2 shortly after the VW-badged model arrives. 

Volkswagen will ditch many of the bolder design elements seen on the ID.3 and ID.4 for its entry-level model

Volkswagen ID.2 design

One of the ID. 2all’s biggest talking points is its design which is controversial for being… not remotely controversial. The first all-electric model created under new Head of Design Andreas Mindt, the ID. 2all is considerably more conventional in appearance to its ID. stablemates. In what appears to be a step back into more familiar territory for the brand, the ID. 2all takes inspiration from Volkswagen’s combustion-engined models, incorporating styling cues borrowed from the current Golf and Polo models. 

It’s understood that Volkswagen’s earlier ID. Life concept (designed by Josef Kaban), was poorly received and led to the brand’s management team reshuffling its design department, and pursuing a far more conventional look. As a result, the ID.2 has few of the clever design features and styling language seen on the new ID.3 and ID. Buzz. The striking blank grille and indented textures that characterise recent ID. models have been dropped in favour of a more traditional two part grille with a lower air intake. At the rear, the ID.2 features a conventional body colour tailgate (unlike the ID.3’s gloss black design) and a deep light strip that runs the full width of the car. 

Volkswagen claims that the ID. 2all’s design is still officially at the concept stage, but given that it features so many production-ready features such as door mirrors and number plate mounts, it’s highly likely that the final model, which will be revealed in two years time, will look the same. 

In terms of dimensions, the ID. 2all is 4,050mm long, 1,812mm wide and 1,530mm tall. To put those into perspective, the current Polo is 24mm longer, 61mm narrower and 79mm lower. The ID.2 has a 48mm longer wheelbase, which, combined with the lack of a traditional engine bay, means that the ID.2 is likely to offer considerably more interior space than the Polo. 

Unlike the standard MEB-based models - which are rear- and all-wheel drive), the ID.2 features a front-wheel drive layout. By removing the motor assembly from the rear of the car, and turning the space over to luggage room, Volkswagen’s designers have been able to create a huge boot that measures 440-litres with the seats up and 1,330 litres with them folded. 

The ID.2’s interior marks a further departure from the ID.3 with a high centre console, BMW-style central control wheel and a more enclosed driving environment. The concept features two large displays; a 12.9-inch main display mounted centrally on the top dash rail and a second 10.9-inch display ahead of the driver. Physical buttons make a welcome return, although these are limited on the concept to switches for the heated seats and temperature. New, metal roller switches on the centre console and steering wheel replace the much-criticised haptic buttons that the brand has struggled to make a success of in the other ID. buttons. Another neat touch is the ability to change the layout of the digital cockpit. If you fancy seeing a set of analogue dials from an original Beetle or a Mk1 Golf instead of the usual array of numbers, just select one of the retro options. 

Volkswagen will also introduce a new infotainment system as part of a major overhaul of its vehicle software. Having been stung by criticism of its buggy and slow first-generation systems, the new version (which is set to debut before the ID.2 arrives) is a result of a multi-billion pound investment in technology. Among the new features will be what Volkswagen describes as an ‘Electric Vehicle Route Planner’ which is expected to offer real-time availability of rapid charging stations. 

ID.2 cabin sees the welcome return of physical buttons along with larger infotainment displays
Customisable digital dashboard allows drivers to select classic Mk1 Beetle instruments

Volkswagen ID.2all battery, range and charging 

The ID.2 will come with two battery size options: a 38kWh pack in the entry model and a larger 56kWh pack for the higher spec, longer range models. Volkswagen expects the large battery model to be capable of 280 miles on the WLTP cycle, but has not made any predictions about the smaller battery. The ID.2 will offer DC charging of up to 125kW, although the smaller battery is likely to peak at a lower speed due to its size. According to Volkswagen, a 10-80% charge will take around 20 minutes. 

As for performance, the ID.2 comes with a surprisingly powerful 223bhp motor that drives the front wheels. Volkswagen claims a 0-62mph time of under seven seconds and a top speed of 100mph. 

Volkswagen claims a WLTP range figure of 280 miles for the range-topping version fitted with a 56kWh battery

Volkswagen ID.2all prices and specifications

Bosses at Volkswagen want to introduce the ID.2 at a starting price of under 25,000 euros, which at the time of writing equates to just under £22,000. It’s likely that Volkswagen is basing this figure on projected reductions in battery costs – which will be key to the development of more affordable models. To hit that price point, Volkswagen likely to offer a very basic entry-level model with better equipped variants ranging from £22,000 - £28,000.  

Volkswagen’s new electric range

After a flurry of initial ID model launches (ID.3 and ID.4 arrived within a few months of each other in 2021), Volkswagen has been busy developing a second wave of new models. In the next phase of the brand’s expansion, it will launch 10 new models between now and the end of 2026. Factor in the other Volkswagen Group brands (Škoda, Cupra and Audi) and that figure will comfortably double. 

The most interesting model is set to be a new ID.1 derivative that will sit below the ID.2 and come with a projected price tag of under £18,000. Although Volkswagen has yet to put a date on when this might arrive, it is unlikely to appear before the ID.2, which is scheduled for a 2025 debut.  

2022 Urban Rebel concept hints at what Cupra's version of the ID.2 will look like when it arrives in 2025


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