Volkswagen teases new ID.7 electric saloon for 2023

Volkswagen has kickstarted 2023 by teasing the next member of its all-electric ID. family; the ID.7 saloon, which will be introduced towards the end of the year as a new rival for electric saloon stalwarts like the Tesla Model 3 and newer rivals such as the Ioniq 6. 

It’s taken Volkswagen some time to get to this point. The brand mooted an electric ID. saloon in 2018 with the arrival of the ID. Vizzion concept, followed by a second concept vehicle at last year’s Beijing Motor Show. It’s the latter concept that the ID.7 will follow closely in form, as previewed by the lightly disguised car on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

Volkswagen has confirmed that the ID.7 will be what it coins its second ‘global’ EV after the ID.4 SUV, confirming not just European availability for the newcomer, but also that it will be built in Europe. 

New Volkswagen ID. 7 will be launched in Europe before the end of the year

Production will commence alongside the ID.4 at Volkswagen’s Emden plant, and like that car, the technical basis is the marque’s MEB platform. However, it’s likely that the ID.7 will be the first car to use a newly developed version of the electric skateboard chassis allowing for larger batteries, as evidenced by the maximum range toted by VW. The brand claims that top-end versions of the ID.7 will be capable of 700km (435 miles) on a full charge, which goes well beyond the 550km (342 miles) of the longest-range ID.3 hatchback variant. 

The model’s aerodynamic shape will also aid in eking out as many miles as possible from the battery and motor system. The sleek, sloping roofline is joined by aerodynamically friendly air curtains for channelling passing air as efficiently as possible down the car’s flanks. VW has not confirmed any exterior dimensions, but has revealed a wheelbase of 2.97 metres. It suggests a longer car than the Tesla Model 3 - in fact, the wheelbase is the same as the larger Model S saloon - but the ID.7 is likely intended to take on both these cars at the same time. 

ID.7 will feature a new infotainment system that incorporates a 15-inch touchscreen

Finer details of the exterior design are kept beneath wraps for now, but the camouflage worn by the pre-production ID.7 forms part of the show-stand pull for the car’s CES debut. Using 40 layers of paint - some conductive, some insulating - the colour scheme can transform like a chameleon, while connecting the car to a sound system sees the colours change to the beat and rhythm of music.

While that’s almost certainly not something you’ll see on the final production car at the end of 2023, a new infotainment system is; VW has revealed the ID.7’s dashboard, including a new 15-inch touchscreen display and climate control switchgear. 

With little technical detail beyond the range of the flagship version, it’s difficult to pin down a precise starting price for the ID.7 when it arrives at the end of the year. However, looking at rivals like the Ioniq 6 and Model 3, it’s difficult to imagine the entry-level ID.7 drifting too far from the £40,000 mark in either direction. 

VW has not confirmed any exterior dimensions, but has revealed that the ID.7 will have a wheelbase of 2.97 metres

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