Nissan to cut EV costs and launch 30 new cars

James Batchelor

29 Mar 2024

Nissan has unveiled bold new plans to aggressively drive down the cost of electric cars and launch 30 new models by 2026.

Called The Arc, the business plan details how Nissan aims to finance new technology development, increase global sales and improve its profitability – particularly with electric cars. 

Under the business plan, Nissan says it'll release 30 new models over the next three years – of these, 16 will be electrified while 14 will use traditional internal combustion engines.

It'll begin exporting cars made in China from next year and boost sales by 165,000 cars in the US – a major market for the Japanese carmaker. Nissan will also leverage its partnerships with Renault and Mitsubishi to drive down the costs of new electric cars. It wants to see the cost of producing EVs as the same as building petrol and diesel cars by 2030. 

Nissan also said it intends to launch its first electric car powered by solid-state battery technology in 2028.

Guillaume Cartier, Chairperson, Nissan AMIEO said: “Through Nissan’s new business plan, The Arc, we have a clear roadmap to a promising future, focusing on growth, adaptability and competitiveness. Our AMIEO [Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania] region is fully aligned to this global plan and we are shifting gears to enhance our product offering in the region, advance electrification and technology and leverage our strategic partnerships to drive us to a new era.

“Through this comprehensive plan, we are championing competitiveness and growth and I am confident we will deliver, providing the foundations to bridge to Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision.”

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