No coal goal – don’t charge between 5-6pm today and earn cash

Tom Barnard


The National Grid is offering a million households cash payments this evening if they cut down on their electricity consumption for an hour, between 5 and 6pm. 

The move is has been made after successful pilot schemes and could save householders around £5 if they take part. 

It has been put in place as the cold weather is expected to cause a peak in demand for power which will coincide with a lull in wind, reducing the amount which can be generated from renewable sources. To prevent the grid having to fire up polluting coal generators, consumers are being offered incentives instead to use less energy. 

According to National Grid, 26 energy suppliers have joined the scheme. Customers have to ‘opt in’ to take part, and more than a million have signed up. 

The scheme measures the energy used in a household using a smart meter and compares it to an average day. Rewards are given for every kWh saved, and can be used as money off bills. Electric car owners who delay charging until after the peak stand to make the biggest savings.

Electric car owners who delay charging can make the biggest savings

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