Peugeot reveals glimpse of future line-up and confirms new e-3008 electric SUV

James Brodie

James Brodie

26 Jan 2023

Peugeot has previewed its plans to go fully electric, teasing how its future line-up might look while confirming that we’ll get to see the first vehicle in its next-generation range later this year. 

That newcomer will be a replacement for the mid-size 3008 SUV, presently offered with plug-in hybrid power. Now Peugeot boss Linda Jackson has confirmed that for its next-generation, it will be a fully electric vehicle, and it will play a key role in leading Peugeot - and maybe even sister brands DS, Vauxhall and Citroen - towards a new, more tailor made electric future. 

This is because the next 3008 - which will be badged e-3008 - will be the first Peugeot car and likely the first from within the entire Stellantis group, to be based on the new ‘STLA’ platform. 

Put simply, cars that use the STLA underpinnings will all be purpose made electric cars, and won’t feature multiple propulsion options as is the case with Peugeot’s electric models right now. Three versions of the platform are being readied for passenger cars - a small version, a medium size, as well as one for large, luxurious cars. The new e-3008 will kick things off on the medium sized version of the platform, and we’ll see it later this year. 

“The e-3008 will be the first car to be launched with the new state of the art STLA medium platform, reveal second half 2023,” said Peugeot’s CEO Linda Jackson, who also confirmed that three versions will be available. Along with single-motor versions, a dual-motor variant with four-wheel-drive and high performance will be available, while the maximum range will be 700km (435 miles) on a full charge thanks to battery packs up to 104kWh in capacity - that’s almost as large as you’ll find in the Mercedes EQS limousine.

This could be our first look at the new 2023 e-3008 - Peugeot's first purpose built electric car

Peugeot has also revealed that a replacement for the 5008 SUV, which is currently the only Peugeot not available with any sort of electrified drivetrain, is also coming very soon, and will also be a fully electric model using the STLA underpinnings. 

A reveal for the e-5008 has not been confirmed, but Jackson revealed that by the end of the year, the brand’s entire line-up will be electrified, suggesting that the current 5008 will be off sale and awaiting its electric replacement. From 2025, every model in the Peugeot line-up will have a fully electric version, before Peugeot goes electric only from 2030. 

And the brand has given us a glimpse of what that all-electric future will look like. A new teaser image previews a line-up of next-generation models with styling inspired by the wild Inception concept revealed at the start of the year. The new models will boast a front end inspired by the concept’s angular front end, boasting a visor that’s home to Peugeot’s trademark ‘claw’ headlight signature. The new cars will be far more rakish and aerodynamic than the conventionally shaped SUV models currently sold.

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