​Renault confirms Twizy replacement will arrive in 2024​

Tristan Young

15 May 2024

​Renault has confirmed it will sell the Twizy replacement in the UK starting from late 2024 under a new brand Mobilize and badged Duo.

The all-electric inline two seater which has a range of 87 miles and a top speed of 50mph will also be available as a single-seater cargo carrying version called the Bento. 

Speaking to Electrifying.com at the CV Show, Zakaria Zeghari, Renault’s van sales boss, said the small electric Duo and Bento would be on sale “in the next few months”, and added: “It'll be sold through the Renault network under the brand of Mobilize.”

The Mobilize name has traditionally been used by Renault for its finance company, but is now expanding this to become a mobility brand with its own vehicles.

A Renault spokesman added the new brand is only expected to add one or two thousand units per year.

In continental Europe, the Duo is only offered on lease or rental schemes and is not available to buy outright. However, for the UK this option has not been confirmed and it’s understood that Renault is assessing different options.

For those interested in the Twizy replacement, Renault has launched a website where potential customers can register their interest: https://www.mobilize.co.uk/range/duo.html

Renault believes the Duo and Bento offer a more suitable vehicle for urban driving than its main rival the Citroen Ami which only has a 46 mile range and a top speed of 28mph.

There will be both passenger and cargo versions of the Duo

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