Skoda reveals next SIX all-electric models

Tom Barnard

25 Apr 2023

Skoda has dropped details of its next six electric models – and they are all due before 2026. Among them will be a £23,000 small hatchback, a small SUV called the Elroq, a big family estate and a whopper seven-seater to rival the Kia EV9.

Although the company has not revealed full pictures of the cars, it has released a few pictures of ‘sculptures’ which show the basic shape.

The car we’ll see first is the Elroq, which is due next year. This SUV is around four and a half metres in length, making it an all-electric successor to Škoda’s existing Karoq and a rival to cars like the Nissan Qashqai and Ford’s new Explorer. It will slot in below the Enyaq in the range in terms of size and price and use the same rear wheel drive powertrains, with a range of between 250 and 350 miles. 

Elroq will be the first new electric Skoda to make an appearance

If that’s too much, there’s this cheaper model coming a year later, in 2025. This entry-level model is currently only known by its working title “Small”. It will be the size of a Volkswagen Polo and priced around £23,000. It’s said to have the same luggage space as a Scala – which is a massive 467 litres, bigger than a Ford Focus.

This will use the same mechanical parts as the Volkswagen ID2 and Cupra Urban Rebel which we saw a few weeks ago. So expect front wheel drive and battery sizes of 36 and 56kWh with 125kW charging. Some arithmetic suggests a range of between 180 and 270 miles.

Baby Skoda will share platform with new VW ID.2

Next in the timeline for 2025 are revamped versions of the Enyaq and Enyaq Coupé. It’s said to be a ‘comprehensive update’ and will look like the Vision 7S concept car. 

We expect a few powertrain upgrades for the Enyaq too. The Cupra Taviscan was announced last week and had a 286PS single motor or a twin motor version with 340PS and all-wheel drive. That would allow the Enyaq to move upmarket a bit and give a bit of breathing space to the Elroq below. 

Facelifted Enyaqs will take design inspiration from the brand's VISION 7S concept car

The next up is simply codenamed the “Estate”. Skoda’s Octavia and Suburb estates are very sucessful family cars and carry-all workhorses, and because they are lower than an SUV it means they are more efficient and drive better too. 

This is due in 2026 and will be around 4.70 metres-long, which is about the same as the current Octavia and a little smaller than the MG 5. 

There are no details of the battery or range but it is expected to use the same mechanical parts as the Enyaq; so expect a 350 mile range. 

New Estate will be welcomed by buyers who don't like the idea of an SUV

If that is still not big enough for you, then the final model is known as the ‘Space’. It will be the production version of the Vision 7S concept and will be around 4.90 metres long – that’s slightly shorter than a Kia EV9 and about the size of a Land Rover Discovery.

Like the Kia and Discovery, it will cram seven seats into its length. The concept car had a 89kWh battery and a range of 375 miles, so expect something similar from the production version. 

Vast seven-seater will be a battery-powered alternative to Skoda's best-selling Kodiaq SUV

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