Tesla brings off-peak charge rates to UK Supercharger network

Tom Barnard


Tesla has introduced a two-tier pricing strategy for its charging network which gives discounts for drivers who charge outside of the four peak hours from 4 pm to 8 pm when the demand on the grid – and chargers - is highest.

The off-peak rate is in use at all Supercharger locations across the UK, including stations open to non-Tesla vehicles.

In the UK, the average off-peak cost will be 54p per kWh, while the peak rate is 67p. This means charging a Model 3 Long Range from 10-80% will be around £7 more expensive at peak times. Costs at individual locations will differ however, with rates being displayed on the smart phone app or Tesla vehicle screen.

In an email to customers, Tesla said: “By charging during non-peak hours, customers will get a lower rate while reducing pressure on their local energy grid.As energy markets evolve, Supercharger rates will be adjusted more regularly - allowing owners to benefit from savings when the cost of energy goes down.”

Rival charge point operator Geniepoint also offers off-peak rates at 12 of its sites located at Morrisons stores across the country. These cost 62p per kWh between 8am and 7pm and 52p at other times, compared to a flat rate of 57p at other chargers in its network. Osprey is also trialling variable charging in a pilot scheme with Octopus Energy. Drivers using an Octopus Universe card can benefit from a 16p per kWh discount from 7pm - 11pm.

Geniepoint also has off-peak trial at 12 Morrisons stores

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