Tesla lowers Supercharger prices across UK and Ireland

James Batchelor

19 Apr 2024

Tesla has cut prices to use its Supercharger network and has introduced a cheaper membership rate for all electric car drivers.

From April 19, electric car drivers can take advantage of cheaper Supercharger prices by becoming members, with Tesla owners automatically being signed up. 

Tesla has slashed the monthly membership fee by £2 to £8.99 a month, and has rolled out a new annual membership option for £90 – a 16% discount compared to a monthly membership. Annual membership also provides Supercharger users with access to member rates. 

The firm said "Tesla owners will continue to enjoy a seamless and fully integrated Supercharging experience at lower member rates than non-membership prices, while all EV owners will have more affordable options to choose from".

Tesla's network of Superchargers can still be used by non-members, with the company promising rates will "continue to be updated regularly to provide affordable, fast-charging for all EV drivers".

Tesla operates over 1,400 Superchargers across the UK and Ireland at 140 sites. Of these, 42 of these sites are open to all EVs with CCS charging, with 477 chargers available.

Its network is made up of V3 and V4 units, the former allowing users to charge and pay via the Tesla app, with the latter featuring a contactless card payment option. 

The first V4 unit – which is designed to be used by all electric cars, not just Teslas – was installed in September 2023.

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