Uber cool or rank outsider? Saloon version of Citroën ë-C4 takes aim at taxi market

Tom Barnard


Citroën has revealed a new electric which combines fastback, SUV and 4-door saloon body styles, and it’s squarely aimed at the taxi market. 

The new model uses the same powertrain as the ë-C4, and despite being bigger has a marginally better range at 224 miles versus 217. At a length of 4,600mm, the new ë-C4 X slots into the Citroën line-up between the C4 hatchback at 4360mm long, and the hybrid C5 X at 4,800mm.

The saloon body shape is a real rarity in this sector of the market, with the only four-door cars remaining being from ‘prestige’ brands such as Audi and BMW. Citroen is alone in making a car which combines a coupe-SUV look with a saloon format.

White Citroen e-C4X rear side profile view while charging Only electric version will be offered in the UK, with a 224 mile range and 100kW charging

Citroen claims this will be: “especially welcomed by business customers, professional drivers and chauffeur driven fleets, where luggage space isolated from the main cabin is highly desirable and enhances the limousine feeling for passengers riding in the rear seat.” 

The paying passengers should be kept comfortable too. Citroen is carving a niche for itself as the most comfortable brand, and the ë-C4 X has clever squishy suspension and ‘Advanced Comfort Seats’ which feature special foam thickened by 15mm and are wider than the average. 

The ë-C4 X has also had a tech upgrade, with the new ‘MyCitroën Drive Plus infotainment’ interface, first seen on larger C5 X.

White Citroen e-C4X side profile view Saloon models were previously extinct outside of the prestige market

The boot space is ungraded too. It may be less practical than a hatchback, but a capacity of 510-litres is larger than similarly sized SUVs such as the Nissan Qashqai and 130-litres bigger than the ë-C4 with the seats in place. 

The performance is slightly blunted compared to the hatch though, with a 0-62 mph time of 9.5 seconds – half a second slower than the ë-C4. Charging times are identical however, with a rapid 100 kW DC charger capable of adding 80% charge in 30 minutes. 

There is no word on prices yet, but sales will commence from Autumn 2022.

Black interior of the Citroen e-C4X A new infotainment system is borrowed from the bigger C5 X

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