Vauxhall takes over Tesco charge point sponsorship and offers free charges

Tom Barnard

15 Feb 2024

Vauxhall has taken over from Volkswagen as sponsor of the Tesco/Podpoint chargers at stores, and is offering 5,900 miles of free charging to private customers who buy an electric Vauxhall car or van direct from a Vauxhall dealer. 

The free charging will be given as a credit based on 5,900 miles and given as a fixed credit value in the Pod Point app. 

Tesco's charging infrastructure is now 2,700 bays across 619 stores nationwide, making it the largest supermarket charging network in the UK. As part of the collaboration, all Tesco charging bays will feature co-branded livery showcasing both Vauxhall and Tesco logos.

The free charging covers rapid and slow points

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