Wattif EV sets sights on growing UK destination charger network

A Norwegian electric car charging start-up has announced bold plans to become a key player in the UK’s destination charging network, backed by €50m (£44m) of funds.

While most charging infrastructure investment in the UK is dedicated to establishing public points either on residential streets or along major routes, such as Gridserve with its Electric Forecourts or Shell Recharge’s EV hubs, Watiff EV plans to play a leading role in the expansion of charging points at destinations.

Destination charging could hold the key to providing high capacity and low cost electric car charging for many motorists. Instead of queueing for a rapid charger at a dedicated destination, a slower charging point that’s smaller, cheaper and easier to install in a car park - be it at a place of work, entertainment venue, shopping centre - charges the car while it's parked up for the duration of your visit.

It can also be handy for electric car owners who need to street park their vehicles, with no access to an off-street charger.While the slower draw of a lower-powered destination charger over a rapid solution is easier on the electricity grid and better for the long-term health of an electric car’s battery. 

The company’s first chargers were switched on in late 2022 in Cambridge, with plans for destination charging in Leeds and further projects in Scotland coming soon. The hopes is for thousands of Wattif EV chargers to be installed in the UK at various locations over the next 18 months.

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