West End hurls out diesel delivery trucks

Tom Barnard


London’s famous shopping streets will soon be supplied with deliveries from pure electric lorries, following a deal between Volta Trucks and one of the West End’s largest property owners. 

Set to launch as a trial in summer 2022, the full-electric Volta Zero is a key component of The Crown Estate’s latest delivery scheme for its Regent Street customers as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing emissions throughout the West End.

Since 2008, Clipper Logistics have been working with The Crown Estate to operate the Regent Street delivery scheme, which has been consolidating multiple individual goods delivery trips into fewer combined journeys, For The Crown Estate’s Regent Street customers, this offers access to a single accessible consolidation centre, just outside London’s congestion charge zone, where their deliveries are combined and dispatched to and from store. 

With its range of 95 - 125 miles, the full-electric Volta Zero is perfectly suited to this role, offering zero-emission deliveries between the consolidation centre and stores. The purpose-built Volta Zero has an 8.6-tonne payload, allowing it to replace several smaller 3.5-tonne vans from the streets, which helps reduce traffic congestion.

Volta's trucks have a range of around 100 miles and a 8.6 tonne payload

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