Citroen reveals electric car you can drive without a licence for £17 per month

Tom Barnard


Could this be the cheapest electric car ever? French giant Citroen has channelled the spirit of the classic 2CV with a new ‘people’s car’ for the 21st century – and it’s powered by electricity.

The new Ami is a two-seater city car which will cost less per month than most people’s mobile phone contracts: just £17 per month. It’s a pure electric car with a tiny 5.5kWh battery that recharges in just three hours from a normal socket. It gives the Ami a claimed range of 60m miles. 

At just 2.41m long, the Ami is shorter than a Smart and is incredibly lightweight. It seats two people side by side with crazy doors which open in opposite directions. 

The low weight – and a top speed which is limited to 30mph - means it is officially classed as a quadricycle rather than a car, so it can be driven by 14-year olds in France and people with no licence at all. 

In the UK, rules are a little stricter but the Ami could still be driven by 16 year olds. However, there is no news yet on when the car will be available here. Would you allow your kids to have one? Or would you rent one by the hour in a town just to get around?

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